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Bird Prints

While every effort has been made to re-create the actual colors in the prints, some monitors will display colors differently than they actually appear on the print.  Also, please note the website address will not appear on the print.

See the Framed Artwork page for examples of frame styles and colors, matte choices, and multiple print combinations.

Print Size1 Print and Matte Size Framed Cost2 Shipping and Handling
 5x7  8x10  $20.00 (Print Only, Not Framed)  $10.00
 5x7  8x10  $35.00  $15.00
 8x10  12x14  $60.00  $20.00
 11x14  15x18  $85.00  $25.00
 16x20  20x24  $125.00  $50.00
 20x24  24x28  $175.00  $50.00
1 The most common sizes are listed.  Many other sizes are available.  Please call for details.
2 Framed Cost Includes print, frame, matte, and glass (Ready to Hang).


"Blue Jay by a Window"


"Blue Jay in a Pine Tree"



"Blue Jay in Hemlock"


"Two Chickadees in a Pine Tree"


"Three Chickadees in a Pine Tree"


"Three Chickadees in a Birch Tree"


"Adirondack Trio"


"Two Chickadees in Spruce"


"Hummingbird with Wild Iris"


"Nuthatch in a Pine Tree"


"Nuthatches in Balsam"



"Purple Finches"



"Pretty Boy"


"She's My Girl"


"Snowy Owl"


"Great Horned Owl"


"Bald Eagle"


"Barred Owl"


"Northern Cardinal"


"Bluebirds At Nest"


"Barn Owl"

~ Copyright ~ The Adirondack Artist ~ Adirondack Wildlife and Scenery Prints ~ William P. Wiatr ~ Poland, NY ~ Phone/ Fax 315-826-7966 ~