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About the Adirondack Artist

With great respect and a responsibility only I can know in my heart, the Creator of the universe has let me express his beauty through my ability as an artist (that he gave me)!

The respect is for his awesome creative power and the responsibility is for me to remind others of his great love for all of his creation!  These words are etched on my heart, given to me and are true.

To all the Artists in the world I envy their ability to paint with such detail and likeness to nature.  I desire to be the same but not yet perfected.

I give thanks to my Lord and Savior for the gift I have been given.

Yours in Christ,

William P. Wiatr



The Adirondack Artist prints are provided in the following print mediums:

Gicle ("zhee-clay") on Watercolor Paper:  A beautiful bright white finish with an elegant feel. Watercolors, pastels, pencil drawings, and artistic photography are beautifully reproduced. Acid free and 100% cotton. Anticipated fade resistance is 75 to100 years when displayed under proper conditions.

Gicle on Canvas:  A richly textured canvas that is acid free and 100% cotton.  Resists curling and cracking.  Anticipated fade resistance is 100 years when displayed under proper conditions.

Lumira: These prints offer incredible detail, sharpness and color thanks to the combination of digital image preparation technology with traditional processing techniques.

Thank you for visiting my site and taking a moment to understand my passion for painting.  If you'd like to contact me please use my order form, or my phone number located on my home page.


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