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From Behind the Easel of the Adirondack Artist

    As Spring arrived late this year, we were blessed to have a pair of Eastern Bluebirds making plans to nest in the flower garden where I placed a Bluebird house just for them.  All the activity of song birds at the feeders is a nice sight to see.  As the birds occupy our feeders, the big Gray Squirrels clean up the seeds that have fallen onto the ground, alongside the Chipmunks and the Wild Turkeys.

    All kinds of birds have visited us thus far: Woodpeckers, Blue Jays, Grosbeaks, Nuthatches, and my favorite the little Chickadees.  Our greatest pleasure is to watch the Fox family, Mom and the three little ones, playing in the woods and hunting along the yard.  A Loon flies over the house often, announcing his presence as he passes by with the unique sound of his call echoing among the forest.

    There is one little bundle of energy buzzing around the flowers and feeders.  The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird continues to visit us year-after-year.  It is amazing to think about how far these tiny birds travel each year to raise their young within our peaceful yard among the Adirondack Mountains. 

    What an honor to have all of God's creations living their lives around us.  Some of us take notice of His beauty, while others may not.  I love to see and smell the different flowers, especially the Lilacs and Peonies.  Spring and Summer bring new birth which reminds me of God's grace for all His creations.  In the book of Colossians 1:15-16,


    "Christ is the image of the invisible God, by Him all things were created that are in Heaven and that are on Earth, visible and invisible.  All things were created through Him and for Him."


    I always take time to thank the Lord for all His creative works.  Like new birth, I leave you with some encouraging words borrowed from a sign hanging in my home.


Life whispers, listen closely.


Yours in Christ,

William P. Wiatr

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