"Adirondack Sunrise"

Print Size1 2 Print and Matte Size Framed Cost3 Shipping and Handling
 4x12  8x16  $50.00  $15.00
 6x18  10x22  $85.00  $25.00
 8x24  12x28  $125.00  $35.00
 10x30  14x34  $150.00  $50.00
 12x36 (original print size)  16x40  $225.00  $50.00
1 The most common sizes are listed.  Many other sizes are available.  Please call for details.
2 The size listed is the size of the print only.  Matte size and frame size is additional to the size listed above.
3 Framed Cost Includes print, frame, matte, and glass (Ready to Hang).

Print Size Cost Shipping and Handling
 12x36 (Giclee canvas)  $225.00  $50.00

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